Georgetown Purchasing Department

Purchase Guidelines

Purchases less than $3,000

Purchases under $3,000 do not require competitive bids and only require a single quote and a purchase order. City credit cards may be used for these small value purchases.

Purchases totaling $3,000.01 up to $50,000

Expenditures over $3,000 and up to and including $50,000, require two (2) quotes from certified Williamson County Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), if applicable.

If no Williamson County HUBs are available only one (1) written quote for expenditures over $3,000 and up to and including $25,000 are required.

For expenditures over $25,000 and up to and including $50,000, a minimum of three (3) written quotes are required.

Purchases over $50,000

Expenditures over $50,000 require formal solicitation process. Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals or other solicitations as approved by law.  Formal bids are posted on the City’s website and in the local newspaper.

Bid openings will be conducted by authorized City staff.  Procurements of $50,000 and over are submitted to City Council for approval. This includes any purchases exempt from the bidding procedure.

Competitive Bidding Exceptions

Items exempt from competitive bidding are:  sole source items, emergency purchases, personal or professional services, work paid for on a daily basis (day labor), land or right of way,  and interlocal or other cooperative contracts.

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