Georgetown Purchasing Department

Doing Business with the City of Georgetown

The City of Georgetown and the Purchasing department welcomes you to our city! This page has been developed to inform vendors interested in business opportunities with the city.

To register and view bids go to:

The City of Georgetown seeks participation from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) for purchases over $3000. More information about the HUB program can be found on the State of Texas comptroller page at:

Additional information on the City’s Purchase Guidelines can be found here.

We ask our vendors to please:

  • Register as a vendor on our Vendor Registration Portal.
  • Keep your account up to date
  • Call ahead for appointments whenever possible
  • Keep us up to date on new ideas or products
  • Recognize that all information and files submitted to us are a matter a public record.
  • Call us if you have any questions

Vendor Guidelines

This section has been developed to help inform vendors of our organizational structure and the procedures we must follow when purchasing products and services. Being a valued supplier, please call us if you have any questions at (512) 930-8141.

The Purchasing Department is designated as the City’s agent for all contracting and materials management. The Purchasing Department issues bid invitations, requests for proposals, requests for qualifications and negotiates with suppliers on matters relating to price, delivery and other commitments.

We ask our vendors to please:

“Please provide a current copy of your company’s W9.”

  • register as a City of Georgetown vendor online at Registering online will enable you to receive bid notifications pertaining to the commodities and services you have selected.
  • let us know if you are going out of business or wish to be removed from the vendor list. Vendors will only be deleted from vendor list if they request to be deleted, if company is out of business or due to improper conduct.
  • call ahead for appointments whenever possible. We request that you do not make “social calls”.
  • keep us up to date on new ideas or products. Make sure we have the latest information on the products we purchase from you.
  • be aware that the purchasing authority is delegated to the Purchasing Department. A purchase order is issued after compliance of state, federal, and local regulations.
  • quote realistic delivery dates (in calendar days).
  • conduct your business openly and forthrightly. As a public entity, all information and files are a matter of public record.
  • honor all pricing, delivery and service agreements as quoted.
  • help us maintain our policy that no City employees accept any gifts or favors. The best favor you can do for us is to see the City receives the best price, quality and service.
  • submit invoices to the City of Georgetown, Attention: Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 409, Georgetown, Texas 78627. or email to A purchase order number should be noted on all invoices.
  • any new City of Georgetown vendor will need to complete the Vendor Application before invoices can be paid.  Any existing City of Georgetown vendor wishing to elect electronic payments, please complete the ACH Deposit Form.
  • call us if you have any questions.
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