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Georgetown Purchasing Department

Vendor CIQs

Who must file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire?

A person is required to file a completed Conflict of Interest Questionnaire if they are a vendor or contractor or seek to contract for the sales or purchase of property, goods, or services with a local governmental entity or if they are an agent of such a person.

When must the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire be filed?

The vendor or his agent must file the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the City Secretary no later than the seventh business day after the date the person:

  • begins contract discussions or negotiations with the local governmental agency; or
  • submits to the local governmental agency an application, response to a request for proposals or bids, correspondence, or another writing related to a potential agreement with the local governmental agency.

A copy of the new law, HB 914 of the 79th Regular Session of the legislature, is available at and the form for filing is available at

Submitted Questionnaires

To view the archive of all submitted Conflict of Interest Questionnaires, please visit our digital archive.
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